Personalized Power Bank Charger Faux Leather

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Personalized power banks are perfect for charging all your devices on the go! Small and compact enough to keep tucked away in a bag for emergencies.

Power banks are wrapped in a faux vegan leather that is made to look and feel like genuine leather. It is easy to clean and durable enough for daily use. All personalization is in black and engraved so you never have to worry about it coming off!

All color options come with a silver small carabiner for easily securing and white 12.5" long USB cord. USB cord can be used for recharging the power bank and for devices that use USB, for devices using other chargers you can plug in your devices cord into the power bank for easy use!

SIZE: 3 5/8"(L) x 1"(W)

Input: DC 5V
Output: DC 5V
Watt Hours: 7.92
2200 mAh
12.5" USB Cord



(No reviews yet) Write a Review